Using Github in class

I’ll come back to this topic at another time but I just wanted to kick off a blog or two on using Github education in class.  I’ve been using it now for a month or two with my GCSE year 10 CS group.  So far I have posted a simple assignment up for them to complete.  Many of them are still struggling to get to grips with how to actually use github as a service especially considering the steep learning curve.

My first thought is that perhaps the introduction to github could include something like a game where they are person on a project team needing to get a piece of software shipped.  They would be interacting over chat with an AI team lead who gives them challenges to finish off as they work through the bugs.  This may help pupils start to see a lot quicker how github is meant to benefit them rather than the dry tutorials on commits, repos etc.

I know the common answer I might if anyone reads this blog is “go ahead and build it” which is certainly true.  I will add it to my long list of projects I would like to work on but if anyone spots this and would like to use it as an idea go for it.

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